Cottage/Garden Weathervanes

Bass with Lure – 8847PR
17″L x 9.5″H
Horse – 801PR
21″L x 10″H
Horse – 801V1R
21″L x 10″H
Rooster – 802R
21″L x 11″H
Rooster – 802V1R
21″L x 11″H
Martini with Glasses – 8861PR
10.5″L x 13.5″W
Witch – 8849PR
16″L x 14″H x 3″W
Americana Flag – 836R
24″L x 16″H
Landing Duck – 804PR
12″L x 10″H x 16″ Wingspan
Golfer – 816PR
21″L x 13″H
Angel – 819PR
21″L x 18″H
Rabbit – 809V1R
21″L x 8″H
Flying Pig – 8840PR
21″L x 8″H x 4″W
Hummingbird – 8807PR
14.5″L x 15.5″H x 8″ Wingspan
Biplane – 8812PR
13″L x 5″H x 13″ Wingspan
Sailboat – 8803PR
21″L x 10.5″H x 3″W
Victorian Arrow – 8842PR
21″L x 17″H x 6″W
Wine Bottle – 8843PR
9″L x 9″H x 3″W
Flying Duck – 8844PR
12″L x 11″H x 17″ Wingspan
Eagle – 8815PR
21″L x 19″H x 16″ Wingspan
Motorcycle – 8846PR
14″L x 9″H x 2″W
Blue Heron – 8805R
17.5″L x 12″H x 17″ Wingspan
Blue Heron – 8805V1R
17.5″L x 12″H x 17″ Wingspan
Blue Heron with Arrow – 8805PAR
21″L x 12″H x 17″ Wingspan
Biplane with Arrow – 8812PAR
21″L x 5″H x 13″ Wingspan
Flying Duck with Arrow – 8844PAR
21″L x 11″H x 17″ Wingspan
Motorcycle with Arrow – 8846PAR
21″L x 9″H x 2″W
Bass with Lure and Arrow – 8847PAR
21″L x 9.5″H
Witch with Arrow – 8849PAR
21″L x 14″H x 3″W
Labrador Retriever – 810R
21″L x 9″H
Labrador Retriever – 810V1R
21″L x 9″H

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